A rare genetic disease, Haemophilia is a condition in which blood does not clot. It is not contagious and affects mostly men. Unfortunately, the disorder has no known cure till now but can be contained when detected early. On World Haemophilia Day today, make yourself aware of this illness:
The following are the symptoms to help detect haemophilila:

·Persistent nose bleeding
·Bleeding from wounds and cuts that do not stem easily
·Bleeding gums
·Skin gets bruised easily
·Stiffness and pain on joints, due to internal bleeding
Symptoms of bleeding inside the head include:
·Relentless headache
·Stiff neck
·Mental confusion
·Slurred speech
·Blurry or double vision
· Loss of coordination and balance
·Paralysis of facial muscles
With adequate care, those having haemophilia can live a normal life by the following steps:
·Avoiding strenuous and contact sports
·Taking care of other medication which may affect the blood’s ability to clot
·Maintaining good dental hygiene with frequent appointments to the dentist
·Exercise regularly
The most suitable remedy that is said to be for bleeding in joints is PRICE, which can be expanded as:
P: Protection – immediate care to concerned injury
R: Rest
I: Ice – application of ice pack to arrest bleeding, pain, and inflammation
C: Compression bandage – to be applied gently
E: Elevation – raising of the affected part to curb blood flow


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