New Delhi: To promote usage of generic medicines, the Central Drugs Control Standard Organisation’s (CDCSO)- Drug Consultant Committee (DCC) has proposed that doctors should prescribe only generic instead of branded medicines to patients.

In the 56th meeting of the DCC, it was proposed that Registered Medical Practitioners (RMP) shall supply ‘generic medicines’ only.

However, it has also been recommended that RMP shall supply the ‘physician sample’ free of cost.

It may be noted that under schedule K of the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945 – RMP can supply different categories of medicines including vaccines to their patients as per exemptions provided with certain conditions.

“We have proposed to amend the exemptions provided under schedule K regarding supply of medicines by Registered Medical Practitioners (RMP) to their patients. These additional conditions are being incorporated to prevent the misuse of the exemptions,” a senior official of the Health Ministry requesting anonymity said.

“This is being done to promote generic medicines in the country. The process will take at least six months and after that, the Health Ministry will give its green signal for implementation,’ he said.

The generic medicines are at least 90 per cent cheaper than the branded medicines. There are nearly 600 types of generic medicines and about 23 kinds of therapeutic drugs. These drugs can be used for treating diabetes, viral fever, cough cold, kidney, liver, cancer diseases etc.

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