The encephalitis outbreak in Muzaffarpur where more than 120 children have died of the Japanese fever has also put forth the deteriorating conditions of government hospitals across the country.

Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital (DMCH), which falls in neigbouring Darbhanga in Bihar, seems to be living its last few days as along with lack of proper facilities, the hospital’s physical infrastructure is also in shambles,

and parts of the building could collapse if immediate action is not taken by the authorities. “Authorities and ministers have been informed about the condition in the hospital but nothing has happened yet. I have written to them many a times.

If something is not done immediately parts of the building can collapse,” said Dr. Raj Ranjan Prasad, Superintendent, DMCH. People at the hospital complain of having no medicines and said the fans and ACs, too, are not functional.


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