The changing climate and pollution levels of the city have made the present weather the official flu season. Aches, shivers, headache, fever and runny nose are some of the most common symptoms of seasonal flu.
So, what’s your first move when you start feeling the shivers and know that you are going to get sick? Take a medicine? Right?

But should you be taking medicines immediately after you start feeling sick? A new research says otherwise.
If you want your immune system to fight the viral infection efficiently, your first move should be going towards your bed and taking some rest.
A new study published in The Journal of Experimental Medicine tracked ten people. Half the people were kept awake for a night while the other half slept normally. Two weeks later, the volunteers switched the roles.
Later the researchers took blood samples from each group, measuring the immune system T cells.
The results were that sleep allows infection-fighting T-cells to perform better. The participants that stayed awake during the night hindered the ability of their T cells. However, the participants that were allowed to sleep, had vigilant and active T cells.
The research shows that sleep has the potential to enhance the efficiency of T cell responses, which is important in light of the high prevalence of sleep disorders and conditions.
So, next time the moment you start feeling dizzy, sick and lousy, tell your boss you need to hit the bed right away.


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