With the scorching heat and no rain respite, we are sure you might have headed out to a place outside to the city for some de-stressing vacation time. You may be feeling a lot more recharged and ready to face the world, what you really do not like is the thought of a stuffy nose and aching body. Before you know it, you are excusing yourself from work because of major vacation sickness. And no, we are not talking about the vacation blues.
If you know what we are talking about, you know how bad it can get. Yes, there is a reason why you tend to get sick more often every time you return home from a vacation or a travel trip.

Vacation sickness is real!
Whether is a bad bout of cold, higher than usual temperature, stomach bug or a headache that just won’t go, getting sick after a trip is fairly common and happens to a lot of people in many ways.
According to experts, while you feel back in action mode to join normal life, your body isn’t completely ready. You are out of your regular environment and you come in contact with different bacteria and viruses from those you are exposed to back home. You touch many surfaces covered in bacteria and viruses, come in contact with hundreds of people, try new things, get stressed more which ultimately takes a toll on your body. A holiday might give you a change of pace but for the many germs in the air, it can be an easy way in.

The problem is that some people get sick even before they actually land and end up paying a visit to the doctors. No wonder, this phenomenon is known as “leisure sickness”.
Another solid reason why you get sick often is the way you travel. If you tend to travel by flights more than often, higher are the odds of you getting sick. Wonder why? The presence of low-humidity air which dries out the air you breathe which actually has the potential to attack the nasal passageways and trouble the throat. All said and done, the dryness in the plane is not good for your nose.

What we also do not realize is that travel is very tiring, most of the times. While vacations are thought of as a way to destress you and get some time away from the hustle bustle, going from one place to another is taxing on the body before you really get to relax. This multiplies when you spend an entire day packing and sorting out things before the trip. Add to that, the problem of sleep deprivation. We tend to be in the holiday mode and miss out snoozing on the bed and as a result, our body suffers. Headaches, body aches, and exhaustion are common signs your body needs sleep. The problem can get even tougher when you are traveling between continents and have to face jet lag!

What to do instead
This might sound contradictory to a few, but, once you are back from your ‘relaxing’ vacation, give your body some time to truly relax and adjust to the usual routine.
If possible, we suggest you take a day off before getting back to the normal rut. Also, pay attention to what you eat and drink through the post-vacation routine. Water, veggies, and fruits will be the friends you need. You can also boost your immunity by indulging in some light exercises, yoga, and breathing techniques. Post that, you will be truly recharged to take on the day!


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