World Vitiligo Day is celebrated annually on 25th June across the globe
It aims to create awareness and raise funds for vitiligo patients
Fundraising could improve the lives of people living with vitiligo
The theme for 2019 is ‘Mental and Medical Journey of Living with Vitiligo- The Journey Starts with ME!
World Vitiligo Day is celebrated on 25th June every year. This day is also indicated as World Purple Fun Day as purple is the awareness color for this disease. On this day, millions of people across the globe come together to create awareness about vitiligo, fight prejudice and raise funds for research, education, and support. It aims to bring the vitiligo cause to the world center stage to address the challenges faced by people living with the disease.

This year, the World Vitiligo Day celebrations are being led by the US in Houston, Texas. The 2019 World Vitiligo Day Theme is “Mental and Medical Journey of Living with Vitiligo – The Journey Starts with ME!”, which focuses on the quality of life of a vitiligo patient, especially mental and emotional well-being. The reason for focusing on mental health is due to the growing need for a better understanding of the role of mental health in vitiligo treatment.


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